Vivien Walters Animal Artist Equine Portraits        
by Artist Vivien Walters


For the purpose of these terms and conditions:

"Vivien" means Vivien Walters.

"Student" means any person receiving tuition either face to face or by email, any agent or anyone acting on behalf of such person.

"Tuition" means any tuition provided by Vivien by way of workshops, courses, private tuition, demonstrations, or by any other means, and whether face to face or by e-mail.

 "Image" means any digital or photographic reproduction or representation of Vivien's own artwork, including any printout of such image.

"Photograph" means any photograph (which term includes a digital photograph), including any printout of such photograph.

"Distance learning courses" means any workshops or courses provided by email.

"Painting" means any painting, drawing or other work of art.

The word "Person" shall include an individual.




Vivien is the copyright holder in respect of all images and photographs depicted on this site or supplied by any means to students or prospective students by her or at her direction.  Vivien retains all rights, title and interest in the same.  No rights, title or interest in any such image or photograph shall be transferred or granted to any person save as set out below.

Except in the course of tuition or as mentioned below, such images and photographs are not to be copied or reproduced without Vivien's express consent. 

 In particular, no such images or photographs are to be:

1.  Published or distributed in any form whatsoever, or

2.  Used for the purpose of teaching others.

Permission is granted (without the need for prior request) for the display and/or sale of any painting produced by a student in the course of tuition and which is a copy of one of Vivien's own paintings, provided that a notice bearing the words "After an original by Vivien Walters" is displayed upon or along with such painting.


Bookings, Deposits and Course Fees

Tuition can be provisionally booked over the phone or by an exchange of emails.  Booking will not be confirmed until and unless a deposit or full course fee as specified on this website or otherwise requested has been paid and received.  Subject to the following, a payment through this site via PayPal will automatically secure a place on the relevant date or dates.  While every effort will be made by Vivien to immediately remove any fully booked tuition dates from this site, in the event that a deposit is paid via PayPal as payment for tuition which has already been fully booked an alternative date will be offered.  If such alternative is not acceptable a full refund of any deposit or course fee paid will be made immediately.

Subject to the above, any such deposit paid is not refundable except:

1.  If the place can be taken by another student, in which case the refund will be subject to deduction of an administration fee of £50.00 (to cover the cost of readvertising and associated communications), or

2.  At Vivien's discretion in exceptional circumstances.

A deposit or course fee payment may only be transferred as a deposit for other tuition at Vivien' discretion.

In the case of any tuition for which a deposit is payable, any outstanding fees must be paid not less than four weeks before the commencement date for such tuition.

In the event of underbooking or for any other reason, Vivien retains the right to cancel any tuition.  In such case alternative tuition will be offered, if this is not acceptable any moneys paid will be refunded in full with immediate effect.

 If you are a client and we have made a contract with you by electronic means you may be entitled to use an EU online dispute resolution service to assist with any contractual dispute you may have with us. This service can be found at  Our email address is